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Time’s up …

Dear all,

DNRWAYF has decided to stop being a band. It’s been fun, but now it’s ended. All individual musicians will continue their musical endeavors. Feel free to contact us if you want to.

Thanks to all for the awesome times.



013, Tilburg too …

I guess this says it all.

Magneet Festival

We had a blast with all the hippies @ Magneet Festival. weirdest stage ever! even featured railings up front and a nautical steering wheel, as you can see in the pic. thanks to all who were there.

Looking for artists …

We’re looking for someone who wants to take a shot at designing the artwork for our upcoming EP. Think you can do a good job? let us know …

First Oddstream review

Ugenda liked us!

“Do Not Run We Are Your Friends heeft een primeur voor Oddstream. Hun optreden wordt via het internet gestreamd. Zodat ook de mensen thuis van hun lompe, avantgarde muziek kunnen  genieten.  Het gezelschap is inmiddels tot een vijftal ingekrompen maar hier geldt “less is more”.  Gitaar en baritone sax hebben meer ruimte gekregen wat het totaalgeluid zeer ten goed komt.  Het optreden is heftig, verpletterend bijna. Misschien wel een van de meest muzikaal verrassende acts op oddstream.”

Thank you Ugenda. (We looked for you sunday for the interview we promised but couldn’t find you anymore. next time!)

Changes …

Since the last update there have been some major developments. Arjen and Peter are not with us anymore and we will be continuing as a five man band.

This means that right now we’re figuring out how to play our songs with the current line-up and still kick ass. for some songs it’s simple and for others there’s quite some more work involved. our overall sound is changing as well …

Also, there was this thing with a CD …   we’re still hard at work, and getting there. time has come to start looking beyond the music and also towards artwork, release, merch etc.

so with a lot of things being new and different we’re working on a reinvention of the band, next update we hope to give a glimpse of the new DNRWAYF that’s beginning to form.

Semi Finals GPNL

what more can I say?