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Magneet Festival

We had a blast with all the hippies @ Magneet Festival. weirdest stage ever! even featured railings up front and a nautical steering wheel, as you can see in the pic. thanks to all who were there.


And some more photos


Some Oddstream photos

3voor12 Podcast and some other stuff

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last post. Well.. 3voor12 as posted a podcast containing interviews and live impressions of our gig with Geiser and Sennen @ Luxor Live. At you can read their review and download the podcast.

Also, there are some pictures online from Oranjepop this year by our man friend Tom Roelofs:

Later this week we will reveal our new promo picture in conjuction with some info about the “Grote prijs van NL” gig.


Impression of the crowd at oranjepop 🙂


Last thursday we finally did a photoshoot for our press photo with Tom Roelofs. We had a good time down in some basement of some building where we spend about 3 hours to get everything right.  The final result will be popping up somewhere next week!

Photoshoot DNRWAYF with Tom Roelofs

Preaching …

Bas preaching from the Gibson bible @ Roepaen. Luckily for all, this was not during the show.

3voor12 review & Great times @Luxor Live

We had a great time this friday @ Luxor Live, playing one of our best shows yet. We like to thank the great people at the Luxor theatre and GeselXL. Also big thanks to the Gathering for just being cool.
This is what 3voor12 had to say about the gig:

..En dan slaat de muziek toe. Verrast en verbaasd kijk ik naar een formatie van blazers en gitaren die op een dergelijk briljante wijze in harmonie zijn gebracht dat mijn oren niet precies weten wat zij ermee aan moeten. Do Not Run We Are Your Friends. Als profeten van de avant-garde zijn zij uit het duister van de Luxor opgestaan om het licht te komen brengen. Ik weet nu hoe Tony Wilson zich voelde toen hij Joy Division ontdekte..

Well.. I’ve got nothing to add to that.. (read the full review here)

(by Roland Eckingra)

Picture by Roland Eckingra