Video Magneetfestival

A short video of our gig at the Magneetfestival in Amsterdam this year. Enjoy!


Video from Aalten

Here’s a video from our gig in Aalten last month. Enjoy!

New track online!

As part of our EP release extravaganza we released another track, called GTNA, for you to listen to. Click here, and enjoy!

Magneet Festival

We had a blast with all the hippies @ Magneet Festival. weirdest stage ever! even featured railings up front and a nautical steering wheel, as you can see in the pic. thanks to all who were there.


We will be playing at the Magneet Festival in Amsterdam this sunday (september 4)! So make sure you make your way to Amsterdam this weekend!

New show added!

We will be playing live at Shuffle podium in Aalten this august 27. Don’t miss it!

DNRWAYF live @ Shuffle, Aalten

First track of our EP available online!

You can now listen to the first track of our upcoming EP! Go to our bandcamp and rock out: